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Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

  • Rode M, Klauer B, Krause P and Lindenschmidt KE (2002) Integrated riverbasin management: a new ecologically-based modelling approach. Ecohydrologyand Hydrobiology, Vol 2 (1-4) : 171-179.
  • Brown JD (2004)Knowledge, uncertainty and physical geography: towards the development of methodologies for questioning belief. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 29: 3 367-381
  • Naoum S and Tsanis IK (2005. Integrating multi-criteria analysis and GIS for assessing raingage worth within an established network. Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA), 40(6), 1449-1468.
  • Brown JD, Heuvelink GBM and Refsgaard JC (2005). An integrated methodology for recording uncertainties about environmental data. Water Science and Technology 52 (6): 153-160.
  • Mysiak J and Sigel K (2005) Sources of uncertainty in economic analysis of the Water Framework Directive. Water Science and Technology, 52(6), 161-166.
  • Refsgaard JC, Nilsson B, Brown J, Klauer B, Moore R, Bech T, Vurro M, Blind M, Castilla G, Tsanis I and P Biza (2005) Harmonised Techniques and Representative River Basin Data for Assessment and Use of Uncertainty Information in Integrated Water Management (HarmoniRiB). Environmental Science and Policy, 8: 267-277.
  • Norton JP, Brown JD and Mysiak J (2005). To what extent, and how, might uncertainty be defined? Comments engendered by “Defining uncertainty: a conceptual basis for uncertaintymanagement in model-based decision support” Walker et al. Integrated Assessment 4: 1 (2003). Integrated Assessment, 6(1), 83–88.
  • Refsgaard JC, van der Sluijs JP, Brown JD and van der Keur P (2006) A framework for dealing with uncertainty due to model structure error. Advances in Water Resources, 29, 1586-1597.
  • Mysiak, J (accepted) Reliability of MCA Methods' Results: a Critical Review. Journal of Environment and Planning.
  • Heuvelink GBM and Brown JD (accepted). Defining probability distribution functions for uncertain environmental variables. Forthcoming in a special issue of the International Journal of GIS.
  • Newig J, Pahl-Wostl C and Sigel K (accepted). The Role of Public Participation in Managing Uncertainty in the Implementation of the Water Framework Directive. European Environment, The Journal ofEuropean Environmental Policy.
  • Mysiak J (accepted). Consistency of the results of different MCA methods: a critical review. Journal of Environment and Planning.
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