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The Water Framework Directive (WFD) provides a European policy basis at the river basin scale. The river basin management and planning process prescribed in the WFD focuses on integrated management, involving all physical domains in water management, sectors of water use, socio-economics and stakeholder participation. Decisions have to be made under the auspicious of the available information. Nevertheless, sometimes this information is deficient, incomplete and uncertain. How should this affect the decision making?

In order to tackle this problem, HarmoniRiB has developed new methodologies and tools that can be used to assist in implementing the WFD. To support such research and development, a network of eight representative river basins have been applied: Svatka (Czech Republic), Weisse-Elster (Germany), Odense (Denmark), Júcar (Spain), Geropotamou (Greece), Candelaro (Italy), Vecht (Netherlands and Germany) and Thames (United Kingdom). These river basins have provided datasets suitable for this purpose. This implies that the datasets, in addition to covering the diversity in terms of ecological regimes and socio-economic conditions found across Europe, have built-in information on the uncertainties in the data.

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