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About HarmoniRiB


The HarmoniRiB project was an European Project under the European Commision's "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (EESD)" Programme. EESD was one of the four thematic programmes of the Fifth (EC) RTD Framework Programme (1998-2002).

HarmoniRiB was a research and technological development (RTD) project funded by the European Commission (contract number EVK1-CT-2002-00109) that was initiated in October 2002 and completed in September 2006. The overall goal of HarmoniRiB was to develop methodologies for quantifying uncertainty and its propagation from the raw data to concise management information.

Thus, the HarmoniRiB project aims to support the WFD implementation, by addressing issues of uncertainty in data and modelling, and by developing a 'virtual laboratory for modelling studies'. This virtual laboratory will comprise of a set of river basins, of which data relevant to modelling and the WFD implementation are readily available for the scientific community. The data can be used for comparison and demonstration of methodologies and models relevant to the WFD.

HarmoniRiB was implemented by a Consortium of ten partners from eight European countries. It consisted of three universities (UVA, TUC, UCLM), five public research institutes (GEUS, RIZA, CNR-IRSA, UFZ, CEH) one private sector research and consulting company (DHI) and one river basin authority (PM).

Partner list:

  • Geological Survey of Denmark and Grenland, DK (GEUS, Jens Christian Refsgaard (Project Coordinator))
  • Institute of Inland water Management and Waste Treatment, NL (RIZA)
  • Water Research Institute, IT (CNR-IRSA)
  • Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK (CEH)
  • University of Amsterdam, NL (UVA)
  • DHI Water and Environment, DK (DHI)
  • Technical University of Crete, GR (TUC)
  • University of Castilla-La Mancha, SP (UCLM)
  • Povodi Moravy, CZ (PM)

Problems to be solved

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